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Sue has been painting seriously for 30 years. She started with acrylics but then found the fluid delights and subtleties of watercolour. She applied colour into already wet paint and allowed it to dry before continuing. Full advantage was taken of any occurring negative shapes, that is the spaces between shapes. It was during this time her style developed. Shape and design are her primary considerations and often her paintings have strong linear elements.

Still lives were often a starting point, pushing the composition to give an improved design to the work.

After a house move and renovations with no chance to paint for over 2 years, Sue took up her brushes again in 2007. She has returned to using acrylics due to their flexibility, combining thicker opaque and very fliud applications as for watercolour. The paint is applied to Not (fine grain) paper onto which gesso has been applied randomly. Drawing media are used to finalise the desired effect.

Sue’s inspiration now comes from the many harbours of the beautiful south west coast of Britain where trawlers, both large and small, of the diminishing fishing fleet are based. Sue is passionate about recording these in her own artistic style while such scenes still exist.

Sue has been involved in many group and solo exhibitions and her work is found in many private collections, One of her works was exhibited in the Mall Galleries, London, and included in the Laing Builder’s calendar. Sue is an elected member of the prestigious Birmingham Watercolour Society.

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